Friday, February 4, 2011

February is National Chocolate Month

What a great month to start a chocolate blog and share with my viewers all the interesting chocolate info I've gathered while doing research for my Love by Chocolate series. I know what you're thinking - not so bad. Imagine having to taste all those scrumptious chocolates and drink cups of amazing hot chocolate so I can recreate the experience in my stories. Not all my chocolate info makes it into my stories. I can't let my characters be consumed with it. Or can I?
In Chocolate Magic my heroine makes a killer cup of hot chocolate. Not literally a killer cup. This story is a sweet romance- no dead bodies or anything like that.   My favorite place for drinking hot chocolate is New Zealand. Frothy cups  are served with creative cuts of fresh marshmallow.

Closer to home and more up to the moment is my experience today. In honor of this month of decadent treats, Dunkin Dounts has created some wonderful new donuts. Boston Kreme is my favorite. When I heard that they had made a reverse Boston Kreme I way dying for a taste. From the first bite I was not disappointed. The chocolate yeast cake filled with chocolate Bavarian Kreme is topped with vanilla frosting. Sounds good!! It is. 
With Valentine's Day approaching the list of chocolate treats is endless. I want to buy everything I see. Here's a chocolate fact- all year long women buy 75% of chocolate sold, but for Valentine's Day it's men who buy the majority of chocolate. A billion dollars in chocolate is sold in February. 
What a great month for chocolate lovers. 
What's your favorite Valentine's chocolate?


  1. Zelda, what a yummy blog to share and lucky you on the research! The new DD Boston Cream sounds like something I will have to break down and try.
    With all the research you've done, you'll have to share with us what you feel is the best chocolate out there.
    Congratulations on starting your blog.

  2. Share the donut then the calories don't count. I wish there was a chocolate I didn't like. It's hard to pick my favorite, I'm a purist so I can rule out anything with a gooey center.

  3. I just may have to do that tomorrow with my youngest after his basketball game tomorrow.

    My personal favorite is Lindor truffles. Some would kill for a klondike, my weakness is Lindor and my children know this well.

  4. Dark chocolate Lindor truffles are one of my favorites. That's one soft filling I don't mind.