Thursday, March 10, 2011

Send a Crème Egg Without the Calories

While gathering facts for this blog I came across a really cool site. You can Cad-apult an egg to any address in the world via google map. Check it out and send a creme egg without the calories.

 You can always tell when Spring and Easter are close. Today I saw my first Cadbury egg on the shelves. Cadbury produces these eggs only between January and April. Did you know that if all the crème eggs sold were piled on top of each other the pile would be 10 times higher than Mount Everest?

I did convince myself that it was much too early to indulge in the decadent treat. However, if it had been a hollow chocolate bunny I’m sure temptation would have gotten the better of me.

Not all crème or hollow eggs are the same. Candy manufacturers cater to a wide range of international markets. In the UK, where they consume the most chocolate eggs, Cadbury offers a combination package for the season: egg, candy bar and soft toy promoting Freddo and Curly Wurly bars. A Freddo bar is a milk chocolate bar shaped like a frog. In Australia the frog is replaced by Caramello Koala. A Curly Wurly bar is a caramel ladder covered in milk chocolate. They all sound delicious.

I find that milk chocolate not produced in the US has a smoother, more milk chocolate taste. Is it a higher butter fat content? Not to long ago Hersheys replaced cocoa butter with vegetable oil in some of their popular candies. Not everyone tastes the difference. I can. In her blog Cybele May calls it Mockolate.

Easter is only rivaled by Christmas for candy sales. So whatever your preference, sit back and indulge in your favorite seasonal treat. I'm waiting for hollow chocolate bunnies. 

Have you seen creme eggs on the shelves in your neighborhood?