Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How Do You Eat Your Chocolate?

Valentine's Day, Easter and Mother's day are definitely the leading chocolate holidays. Halloween is not far behind. I've seen foil wrapped chocolates from pumpkins to eyeballs.

Did you know that what you do with your foil says a lot about you? I'm a scruncher. 
According to chocolate therapist I'm missing many signals and my mind is filled with scattered thoughts. Kinda true.

How you eat your chocolate also says something about who you are . Check out this fun video.  biter or Melter; Which Are You?
Are you a biter or a melter? How do you eat Lindt's Lindor truffle?

Are you a chomper , someone who rushes through life with gusto? Or are you a licker? Do you let the chocolate melt down your throat and stimulate all your senses? Want to know more? Check out www.chocolatetherapy.com

You gotta love a holiday when everyone dresses in costumes and knocks on strangers doors for a treat.
The only way for me to avoid eating the candy I plan to give away is by buying something I don't like. I like to think of myself as a  chocolate purist. Except for chocolate covered cherries, I avoid gooey fillings.  People who like cherry filling are said to be full of energy. Most likely true on the days I eat a chocolate covered cherry and don't worry about the calories.
 What about people who don't indulge? Do they need a chocolate therapist?

Read an excerpt from my latest book, Chocolate Muse.

A half eaten pint of Ben and Jerry’s melted on the floor next to Maddie Higgin’s sofa. The reality TV show she had recorded the night before blared on the TV screen. If not for the loud banging on her door, Maddie would still be asleep.
“You in there Miss Higgins?” Her doorman pounded on the door. “I’ve got your mail. The mailman said you have to start taking out your mail.”
“Leave the mail, Matt.” Maddie sat up, stretched, and shouted at the bolted door. “I won’t do it again.”
Before shutting off the TV, she took a moment to commiserate with the contestants. If that one unfortunate turn of events in the script of her life had been part of a TV reality show, Zest’s former pastry chef, Maddie Higgins, would surely have been the star.
There were no hidden cameras that night and the unexpected incident had sent her tumbling from stardom. Would the culinary world ever forget her careless oversight? She couldn’t. The look on that man’s face after taking the first bite of her award winning torta di chocolate would have made good reality TV. Instead it left her spiraling in self-pity compounded by sleepless nights and an over indulgence in sweets.
If she had only known he had been there to review her most popular dessert, she might have been more diligent. Looking through the little round window, she had watched and had waited for the first sign of pleasure on the handsome customer’s face.
That’s when everything turned ugly. The expected smile of decadent satisfaction had melted into a cough and sputter. No one choked on her delicious desserts. Too late someone discovered the cause - soap powder mistaken for sugar.