Monday, July 23, 2012

Chocolate and Publishing

Chocolate and publishing a book are similar processes. Both take time if you want a positive outcome. Just like a chocolatier must be patient and achieve the right consistency when blending ingredients, an  author can not rush the publishing process.
I've recently received emails from fans asking when the next book in my Love by Chocolate series will be available. 
Book 4,  Chocolate Couture was submitted many months ago. Unknown to the Avalon authors the company was in the process of being sold to Amazon.
I was told the submission is being sent to Montlake Romance, Amazon's romance imprint. Like a chocolate chef waiting for the perfect chocolate, I'm in waiting mode. However, I have not been idle. I redesigned my website, continue to write, and decided to keep up with my long neglected blog.
Even though my writing is taking a new direction, I will still keep this blog because chocolate is one of my passions.

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