Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring - A Season to be Creative

This adorable, colorful cupcake inspired me to write this blog. Yes, the colors of Spring are inspiring. How can you not smile when you see this photo? It's the perfect time to discover the best of the old and the new. Throw away all the heavy baggage you might have accumulated over the winter and move forward with something new and exciting. 
The colors, the holidays, and of course the wonderful chocolate candies are all a sign that Spring is on its way. Although, I'm a dark chocolate fan, these mini Cadburry eggs are my favorite Easter candy.

For me it's about new experiences, new foods, and cleaning out my closet.

Check out this seasonally appropriate excerpt from Chocolate Magic. Someone has stolen Chloe's Valrhona chocolate bunnies.

“Oh my ganache.” Chloe stood frozen in the doorway of her chocolate shop.
Nothing appeared unusual as Phil parked his van in front of the Chocolate Boutique. The street was deserted at this late hour except for a few stragglers. The shop’s window twinkled with pink lights the same color as Chloe’s frosted hair.
Chloe had to jiggle her key in the lock several times before it opened. She realized something was not right. When she turned on the light she knew exactly what was wrong.
Not only had someone messed up her perfect rows of candy in the display case - an entire row of chocolate bunnies was missing from the overhead shelf.
“Chloe, is something wrong?” Ethan came up behind her resting his hands on her shoulders.
Phil asked a similar question. Their voices were no more than a mumble passing through Chloe’s mind. She couldn’t respond. The shelves without the bunnies looked so sad and empty. The sadness was so acute it hurt her physically to look at the vacant rows. She had fallen through Alice’s rabbit hole and couldn’t find her way out.
When she found her voice, short fragmented sentences were all she could manage. “The bunnies were all done.  Lucy helped me decorate them, box them, and put them on the shelves.” Chloe moved toward the bare wall.
Phil inched his way around her. He looked confused. “What bunnies?”
 “I think the bunnies were supposed to be on this empty shelf.” Ethan stood next to Chloe. He placed his hand on her elbow offering her support. “Am I right?”
“Maybe this Lucy chick put them some place else,” Phil said.
Chloe managed to shake her head in disagreement while she stared at the empty rows.
“We should call the police.” Phil snickered. “Tell them your bunnies escaped.”
     “You’re not funny.” Chloe retorted. “These weren’t just any chocolate candy. They were made from Valrhona Chocolate.”
“Val… what?” Phil looked from Chloe to Ethan.