Saturday, February 23, 2013

S'mores Galore

I'm often asked if I actually made all the recipes I mentioned in my Love By Chocolate series. The truth is, I'm not a from scratch baker. When I bake I use boxed mixes and very often ready made cookie dough. Baking is much too precise for me. One ingredient off and the taste can be ruined. And when I bake a large cake or batch of cookies I find myself eating it all.

That's why I love s'mores. You can make one or dozens. They're compact and I can be as creative as I want with all the ready made ingredients. My personal favorite is made with 2 ginger cookies smeared with Nutella. I recently discovered a new Kraft product- marshmallow stackers. They fit perfectly between the thin ginger snaps.

Another non-traditional s'more that's easy to make - I adapted a little. I use a frozen chocolate chip cookie baked with micro-mini marshmallows and additional mini chocolate chips sprinkled on top.

And how about a s'more for Passover?

Do you have a favorite s'more recipe?

Thanks for stopping by and remember to eat chocolate everyday.

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