Friday, February 28, 2014

So You Want to Write Books

Writing Through Chocolate - The Basics

Starting today, I will be blogging on how writing about chocolate has helped me develop as a writer. The experience has brought me to a place where I would like to share what I've learned.
Recently, I was asked by two acquaintances, "How do I tell the story in my head? Where do I start?"

Not doubt, we all have that collection of Post-It notes, napkins, or remnants of receipts covered with scribbles of ideas. That's a good start. Don't toss them. Keep them in a box. You can always refer back to them and decide if they have a place in your current work in progress or not. 

Everything starts with a basic ingredient. You can't bake a chocolate cake without some form of chocolate. 

I can taste that first bite of a fresh chocolate cake before it's even out of the oven. It's not much different with your book ideas, we all envision our completed book. I write happily ever afters (HEA) so I know how my stories will end before I write the first word. How I'm going to get my characters to that HEA is the challenge.

You can't write a story without an understanding of its structure and characters. My first suggestion to any aspiring writer is to go out and purchase a copy of, The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler  After five books, I still use it to tighten and polish my stories. For new writers, this will be your sidekick as you lay out your story and get into the minds of your characters. 
To start your characters on the journey that will be your story, they must first step out of their ordinary world. Just like your characters, your decision to write the book of your heart is the beginning of your adventure.
Wishing you peace, love, and chocolate as you start out on this new experience.


  1. I've been halfway through my first novel for a year. I can't seem pull the words out of my head to finish it. It was so easy at first but I feel stuck.

  2. Catherine, it doesn't get easier. When I get stuck, I go back to (GMC). What do my characters want and why - then I give them another conflict (internal or external) that keeps them from getting there. Keep on writing. The words will come.