Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, and a Sprinkle of Disney Pixie Dust

Traveling on a group tour is not our usual way to travel. However, when we decided to visit Italy this summer, Adventures by Disney seemed like the best way to go for our extended family. Italy is very crowded during the summer months and we were able to avoid the long lines to see the best sites.
In Rome we joined a group made up of other families who share a love for traveling. From the very first moment at our first dinner our adventure began.

Hidden treasures

On our own we would have definitely passed by Chiesa di Ignazio Sant'lagnazio di Loyola, a church with a painted dome built atop layers of history. It's a short walk from the Pantheon on your way to the Trevi Fountain. The Trevi Fountain was under renovation when we were there. There was a small pool of water to toss your coins into and make a wish. It was a short visit and very crowded, but compensated with by a gelato stop. Stracciatella with chocolate shavings folded in has become my favorite. You knew I would mention chocolate some how. Just a tease - more Italian food to come in my next blog.


Arches of triumph



Christina, our wonderful local guide was an endless source of information. She also had a way of keeping us moving with purpose and keeping the street vendors and other tourists from cutting into our group. 

We were mesmerized with stories of the animals that fought in the Colosseum.

The seating arrangement for events was pretty simple, the 
Emperor and his entourage had special seating. Everyone else- 
including women and slaves had general admission with the masses                                                   
The steps were steep and slippery. Below is a section showing the original marble. 


Junior adventurers got to burn off energy in a mock gladiator fight. Everyone must have thought it was part of the show. A large crowd gathered around them with their cameras and iPads.

Sistine Chapel

One of the highlights of the trip was our private evening tour to the Sistine Chapel. Only 150 people a week are granted this opportunity.
The massive doors opened just for us at promptly at 7pm.
Photos are not allowed inside the chapel. Thanks to Christina's endless knowledge on the history of The Creation of Adam and The Last Judgement, the experience will always be a vivid memory. You're never to old to learn. I never knew that painting the Sistine Chapel was Michelangelo's first attempt with an art form other than sculpting. He never let anyone see his work. The controversial details in the Last Judgement  had even the junior adventurers paying attention to Christina's every word.

On our way to the Sistine Chapel was pretty impressive. As was the grand staircase that took us out.

I hope you'll stop by in the next couple of days for more on my Italian adventure. There's so much to write about - Orvieto, Florence, Venice, Tuscany, and the food. 
Just so you know, Disney had nothing to do with this blog. It is written unbiased from my experiences.

Ciao Bellas,

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