Saturday, October 4, 2014

Snippet Sunday

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On Snippet Sunday, writers from all genres share a work in progress, a soon-to-be released story, or a recently published work. Reading these snippets is a great way to meet and discover new and exciting authors.
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Back story

Every character has one. In today's snippet Noah meets someone who has her own reasons for sharing Lily's story with him.

Snippet - Chocolate Couture

  “The name Peradou Chocolate means nothing to you?” Agatha was digging deep, but Lily’s family was no concern of his.
  “Should it?”
  “I know you don’t over indulge in sweets, but I’m sure you’ve heard of the famous international chocolate company.”
  Noah remembered a bogus discrimination suit against a chocolate company based in Manhattan. Even thought the name Peradou was unusual, he never put the two together. 
  "Your new friend, Lily Peradou is the equivalent of chocolate royalty," Agatha said.

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  1. Is Lily from PA? ;-)
    Nice 8!
    Oh, BTW, I googled, "peradou" and this snippet came up on the first page.

    1. Peradou is the last name of co-worker. The family is from W. Virginia. Are you related? :)
      My Lily is a New York girl.

  2. chocolate royalty sounds de-licious from all points of view!! ;-)

  3. Wow, chocolate royalty, that sounds awesome. But I wonder what's Agatha's point in sharing this, does she want to make Noah run away from Lily?

  4. Delicious 8 and I'm coming back for more. :)

  5. You have to love anyone that well connected with chocolate!!

  6. I wonder if this will soften his attitude towards her . . . or just focus his teasing?

    Chocolate Royalty . . . yum! :)

  7. Mmmm, I'd like to be chocolate royalty. lol. Nice snippet. Good, crisp dialogue. I think "over indulge" is one word "overindulge". Good 8!

  8. We'll have to see if knowing her identity makes any difference to him. Nice 8.

  9. I want to be chocolate royalty! Great snippet.

  10. I love that----chocolate royalty. I think I kind of like Noah. He seems the type not impressed by just a name. And is Lily a friend or jealous. Good for you, Zelda, that I am pondering that and don't know.

  11. Chocolate royalty - how could anything go wrong with a concept like that LOL? Enjoyed the snippet and I definitely want to read more. Great 8!

  12. Love chocolate royalty!!! Great snippet!

  13. This is great. Who doesn't love chocolate? Nice snippet.