Friday, December 12, 2014

Not Just Holiday Cookies, There are Cupcakes Too

I love the buttery goodness of holiday cookies as much as anyone. They're convenient to make ahead and fun to decorate. However, let's not forget the cupcake. How cute is this reindeer?

My go to dessert for this year is going to be champagne flutes filled with candy and topped with a cupcake. The possibilities are endless.


I filled the flute with blue and white M&Ms. Stores like It'Sugar and Party Stores carry a huge selection of colors.


Red, white, and green chocolate covered sunflower seeds fill this base.

New Year's

White and silver will be my color theme for New Year's.

Let your creative juices flow. Please share photos of your creations. Feel free to post them on my fb page.

Wishing you health, happiness, and a year filled with chocolate.

Don't forget to gift books for the holidays.

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