Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall in South Florida

My Halloween decorations are finally done. Living in S. Fl. it's difficult to feel the change in seasons, especially Fall. The leaves don't really change color so I have to improvise and scatter those fake leaves around the house. 

Imitating the smells of Fall is easier than trying to change the weather outside. The other night I filled the air in my house with the scent of a ricotta pumpkin cheese cake. For those of you who know me, you know baking from scratch is not my thing. I prefer semi-homemade. 
I adapted the directions on the back of the box of Krusteaz's Pumpkin Square mix and used ricotta instead of cream cheese. The ingredients listed are not the best for you so I left off the sour cream topping. Like that's going to make a difference... The cheesecake came out delicious and the house smelled like Fall.

Fall is bringing more good vibes my way. With the recent sale of Avalon Books to Montlake Publishing, the 1st book in my Love by Chocolate series, CHOCOLATE SECRETS is going to be 
reissued this month in both paperback and e-format.

The book takes place in the fall. 
"Who's minding the chocolate shop?"
"Don't worry your grandfather, Max is there."
Alex knew it would be impossible to keep her grandfather away on Halloween. He loved the idea that everyone dressed in ridiculous costumes just to get their hands on some chocolate.

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Enjoy the season with a good book and your favorite dessert.
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