Monday, July 28, 2014

On The Road to Florence - Secret Passages, Hidden Rooms, and a Toilet Paper Thief

We started our day trip to Florence with a pit stop. Buses must have a permit before entering Florence. There we met the neighborhood gypsy.  She arrives bright and early to remove the toilet paper and paper towels from the bathrooms. Positioning herself between the two toilets she sells it back to unsuspecting tourists. Fortunately, our Disney guides were on to her and came ready with the essentials.

We soon forgot the thief and moved on to Michelangelo's David. Thanks again to the magic of Disney we didn't have to join the long lines. I would advice pre-purchasing your tickets in the summer months. Inside, our local guide had us viewing David from all angles. From the right he appears relaxed, but on the left his muscles are tense and ready for battle. 

Hidden Passages

 After lunch on our own we joined our group for a private tour of Palazzo Vecchio. We walked through halls decorated by Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Vasari and discovered hidden hallways and secret exits.

Hidden Rooms With Hidden Treasures



Florence has its share of high end shops, but I prefer the other end of the shopping spectrum. At the  San Lorenzo Street Market, haggling is accepted. There are the usual stands selling T-shirts and souvenirs. There are also lots of good deals on high quality leather. 

Enjoying a frozen gelato after our afternoon of shopping.

Back at the Piazza Santa Croce to join our group and share our shopping experiences. 

There's still Venice. 

Ciao Bellas, 


  1. Hi, I was there. It was epic. Go Adventure's by Disney! - Zoey :P

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