Sunday, August 3, 2014

And Then There was Venice

We arrived in Venice after a ride on a hi speed bullet train designed by Ferrari and seats crafted by Tod's Leather.


After a group photo, it was off to the gondolas and a walking tour of Venice.

The Grand Canal was exceptionally crowded this weekend due to the Festival of Redemption from the plague. Between 1575 and 1577 the plague killed 1/3 of the population of Venice. In 1576, the Doge vowed to build a church to help end the plague, promising to make a procession to the church on the 3rd week of July. We were lucky to be staying on the island where this church stills stands.

That evening the waterfront was lined with tables moved out of restaurants and the residents kitchens and dinning rooms. It was one gigantic block party.

There wasn't a dinner reservation anywhere. But with a pinch of Disney pixie dust, Landon our wonderful guide got us a water view table at one of our hotel's completely booked restaurants. We had little time to change and had to be seated by 6pm. The view, the food, and the service were worth the rush. It worked out fine for our hot and tired family. It was 93 when we arrived in Venice.

The day ended with a 2 hour fireworks display.
Seeing the city light up from the fireworks was amazing.

And that was just our 1st day in Venice. 

Ciao Bellas,

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