Monday, August 4, 2014

Venice - The Doge Palace, Mask Making, and a Farewell Cruise


Mask making was right up there with pasta making as one of my favorite Italy experiences. At Tragicomica we met the artists who create these wonderful masks. The Mascareri, the mask makers have practiced their craft since 1436. In the shop we got a brief introduction to this special art. After choosing a mask we sat down to create a masterpiece of our own. With a little help from the experts the results were amazing.

  Before and after - not bad.


Lunch on our own was followed by a visit to the Doges Palace. The junior adventures set off with our Disney guides for a treasure hunt while the rest of group explored the grand halls, glided staircases, and frescoed walls.

The palace was the headquarters for the Venetian Republic with an elected official, the Doge. The Doge, elected by the city's aristocracy held the position for life.

Citizens were given the opportunity to report neighbors by dropping a
note in the wall. The note fell into a box on the other side where the decisions were made. If the accused was found innocent the accuser was sent to prison.

Prison Visit

Prisoners walked over the Sigh Bridge for their last view of Venice.

Casanova was the most famous prisoner to escape from the Venetian prison. However, the stories vary depending on who told them.

Pirate Ship Adventure

Our last evening in Venice, left us with another jaw dropping experience. We dined, danced, and sailed around the island on a pirate ship. Our masks from earlier in the day were waiting for us with bubble wrap and paper.

Farewell Venice.

  Off to London.

Ciao Bellas,


  1. Interesting concept of justice. If the accuser is wrong, HE goes to jail.

  2. It could make a good story if someone had a vendetta or a reason to want to accuse that person.